Week 2

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Week 2

Post by TheGreek on Mon 03 May 2010, 10:23 am

So I came out of week 1 with 4 - 2 record. Not bad. The games that I failed short on were Eagles/Buccs & Steel Curtain/Broncos. First off what was up with the Buccs? Some may think they have come to an impasse with time & some would say age. Some have counted them out. Watch out because you may not want to count them out just yet. As for the Steel Curtain/Broncos match up. Surprise, surprise, the curtain came out with the W. What will kill them will be too many players who want to play and too many coaches. Better give Wags the boot before he ruins the team.

On to this weeks games.

Hurricanes vs Giants Not much to say here but the Giants will actually put some points on the board this week. 3 points is kind of pitiful but they were up against a good Yankee defense! Giants will get the W easily over the Hurricanes. The Hurricanes can't give up though. Run Rob Run! Good things happen when you run.

Broncos vs Killswitch Someone please bring a muzzle for Sean and tape his fingers together so he can't type. Killswitch has some good plays and they can execute. I'd like to see the Broncos win this game. They have a great attitude even after they lost. Broncos need to keep it up. I like the Broncos in this one.
Hey Sean ssshhhh!

Irish vs Eagles The Eagles came out and played a great game against the Buccs. I believe they will continue that this week. Hopefully the Irish will have more players there this week. Even with a full squad the Irish will not match up against the Eagles. This may be the year for the Eagles.

RIP vs Ballers Alright the Ballers are legit. They are deep in talent. They can play good ball. All I really think they need to do is get a little more physical. RIP is an organized unit but I think they'll fall short on this one. This may be a close one; however, I think the Ballers will come out of this one victorious and remain in 1st place depending on how bad the Eagles beat the Irish.

Steel Curtain vs Buccaneers Mark this as the week the Steel Curtain's demise begins. I think we'll see a few pissed off Bucc players ready to hit anything in a black & yellow shirt. Don't count out these Buccs or you will seriously regret it. The Steel Curtain talks a lot of trash. They are no match for the crafty veterans. Buccs come out with the W.

Yankees vs Dolphins Ok here we go the showdown! All the hype surrounding this game. Once again I believe the Yankees fall short. Uhm wait a minute, what am I saying, has alzheimer's set in, well nah but it may have for the Dolphins. These old cats brought along thier grandsons to play football with them. Sorry Dolphins hang in there but I don't think you will be winning this week.

Alright so after week 1 I'd like to update how I believe the season will end.

Buccaneers - They just got smacked in the face and they are now one pissed off team
Eagles - They have the tendency to finish in 2nd place on this level of football
Giants - Luck is running out
Ballers - Good talent and can ball
Yankees - Need to make a trade and get Bobby back
RIP - Will lose in the first playoff game but makes it interesting
Steel Curtain

The Greek farao


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Re: Week 2

Post by K/S#19 on Mon 03 May 2010, 12:39 pm

well greek, I think u got it all twisted. Killswitch makes the playoffs...and I didnt say one word Sat. I have promised my team I will not argue with the officials and I wont. Its easy to say a lot when you post as an anonymous screen name....come talk to me when you see me @ the game u will see Im not really a bad guy. Although I have a strong feeling that I do talk to you at the games every week.....just dont know who u really r. Its doesnt matter cuz Im not worried about anything but our opponents in week 2. Good luck to all the teams this week and all the pundits....


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Re: Week 2

Post by Odie 1 on Tue 04 May 2010, 12:05 am

Thats how you feel about us greek? You think where all about give'n a good show but fall'n short?...Thanx for the motivation...

Odie 1

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Re: Week 2

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