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Post by REF 17 on Thu 09 Jun 2011, 8:40 am

Isn't the score of a forfeited game 7 to 0 ??

REF 17

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Post by Scott Lanzerio on Fri 10 Jun 2011, 11:03 am

Mr Ref17 -

Derrick & I had a very brief discussion on how many points. I thought it was 1. I checked the NFL rules and they have it listed for 2 points and none of those points are used as net points for a team.

However we are a usftl sanctioned league and we will go along with what the rule book says which I never researched until now ... This is taken from the following website >>

11.6 Forfeited Game

The winning team shall have a final score of 7-0 posted as the margin of victory (for net point purposes) for the forfeited game. Referees can and will award forfeits to one or both teams as a result of players fighting. It is the coaches responsibility to maintain his players composure and immediately break up any fighting that occurs. Please be advised that referees are not paid to break up fights and will walk off the field if team coaches do not take control of the situation.

So I will change the points. Good question thanks for bringing it to our attention. You probably will not see any changes until sometime this weekend. I have a lot of stats to catch up on also. Time permits this weekend I will get caught up.

Thank you - scott

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