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Post by Bookie on Thu 25 Jul 2013, 1:35 pm

OK, Iím back for one special event. Well, two events now with the addition of the big race. I will take a stab and handicapping both. Way to pick up the slack in my absence all you junior bookies.

Championship game
Team USA vs Yankees (-2) †o/u 30
Wow, the Giants not in the final game, who thought weíd see the day. Guess it had to come to an end eventually, but good run fellas. Now on to the combatants. The Yankees go undefeated, learn not to get into back and forth with anonymous posters, and even schedule a Yankee celebration day mid-season. Things are certainly trending their way. I have to admit, they are looking strong and Bish called it before the season, its their year. They are more composed, more mature, and more balanced than years past. Their offense has playmakers across the board, but I really think Timmy is what makes everything click. He makes clutch plays when needed and goes all out every play. Their defense is shut down, with great pressure and tight man coverage. They will be tough to beat. Side note, I went an entire paragraph about the Yankees without mentioning Tony? Yeah, the team is solid all around, they donít need him to make every play, they can all do it. Thatís how far theyíve come.
As for USA, they revolve around Mason. Is he the Peyton Manning of the WNYFFL? Amazing talent, but unable to win big games? He will need to be on if they want to beat the Yankees, one pick could be all it takes to end their chances. I would advise using his lineman more, but thatís not his style and it looks like it never will be. When you have the athletic secondary the Yankees have its easy to cover 3 targets. To win, they will need him to use his legs to avoid the rush. He can do that, but their defense wonít be able to bail him out if he fails. Other than Noah, who has had an incredible season, their defense is suspect. They can disguise zones all they want, but downfield they get lost in coverage. If they have any shot at stopping the Yankees, they will need pressure right up the gut in Fords face to force bad throws. Harding anyone?
So this is how I see it going. USA gets an early lead, get full of the themselves, then the Yankees get a deep ball TD, followed by a pick on D, then a screen for a TD. USA drives to tie but Dusty chokes on the extra point and the Yankees complete their dream season. Iíd say the wildcard is Noah though. If they use him on offense, and put him in deep coverage they will win. Wildcard bitches! YEEEEHAWWW!

The Big Race
Kenny 1 to 1
Xavier 3 to 1
So an interesting idea for halftime, a race between two of the fastest guys in the league. I donít know for sure who Xavier from Nice TDís is, but I will assume he is the only person from that team who knows what the endzone looks like. Based on how Killswitch did this season I could say the same about Kenny too I suppose. Xavier is quicker than hell, but top end speed, I like Kenny in that one. Maybe a 40 yard dash Xavier takes it, but in a full field sprint, Iíll take Kenny. Iíve seen him pull away from guys who I thought were faster than him.

Good luck to everyone this weekend.


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Post by Yankee CEO on Thu 25 Jul 2013, 5:48 pm

Good observation Bookie. . I'm going 2 sit this one out, I feel like the Yankees has always been more than just me & now my boys will prove me right, †#6 will NOT b playing in the CHAMPIONSHIP, I'm going let the boys bring it home 4 me.. Definitely not the Yankees of old.. Thats those great recruiting skills. . MAYBE I will just join the halftime race instead... Yankees Still Accepting Applications

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Post by Yankee33 on Thu 25 Jul 2013, 6:20 pm

I thought we only had haters. That's what's up bookie! Nice to hear a few good things bout the often hated bit never duplicated yanks! N this team came a long way from last April when I joined. Family and business on and off the field. Mad love for my Yankees! Salute boys! I don't like the CEO though. Makes me wanna go back to playin hockey! Lmao


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