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Post by Dogg pound on Sat 24 May 2014, 9:33 pm

Congrats on the comback vs the u.n.! That is what will make the race interesting.remember one thing, ya gotta build of that momentum , nobody will remember week 3 at the finish line, so keep grinding! The chop shop is open for busines! Lol as for my lil bros & newfews from the yanks,bumps in the road keep u sharp and awake! Use this week as fuel for the run! Hey kings ,way to cover the spread, just try 2 step into those extra 10 yards at each end of the field, trust me they are the best areas on the field! USA solid today,courtesy of the nightstick d.Floyd! Kill switch vs Bengals was a ruff & tumble brawl! Them youngins definitely ain't soft, but TDs win games and it was to much veteran for the them.rebels had the week off but I love that most of the team showed for practice! Lol that's all I got! Dogg pound quote of the week"if u a bum its OK,its just flag football" bum!!!

Dogg pound

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