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Post by K/S#19 on Tue 06 Jul 2010, 5:04 pm

In a sure sign that this idea is running out of topics...I shall "jump the shark" and nominate the following guys in NO particular order;.....Pete K/S, JJ Greene K/S, Pierre Bucs, M Herring, Bucs, Bubba,Mueller and Coppola, G-men
Notice a trend here?...but I digest...Sean Mackwictz, Sean Cummings and #2 c.Hawk also #6 Cowboy from the Eagles. The entire Ballers O-line..just bcuz they will rip ur ear off ur head rather than allow a even though I havent seen one game of RIP this year bcuz all our games were @ 0500 hrs this year....cell or sil from the RIP Ent. Also weber from the yanks.


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