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WEEK 6 Empty WEEK 6

Post by PICKER on Wed 05 Jun 2013, 5:33 pm

Well I was perfect last week, even picked the upset by the Yankees. Was close in score too!!

Who needs that bum the Bookie

On to week 6

Blackout 24 - No TDS - 0 - Be a good practice game for BO to try some new offensive plays.

Team USA- 22- Vikings- 6- Vikings could be better if they had same guys show up each week. USA cruises.

Broncos- 14 - Killswitch 13- Game could go either way. Broncos are the surprise team of the year so far. There schedule gets tougher, so lets see if they are a mirage or the real thing.

Giants 31 - Kings - 6 Giants are going to be pissed after last secong loss by FG. Wonder if they will have more guys show this week. They havent lost in this league in over 2 years, the Yankees ended that streak. OUCH.

Yankees- 14- Steelers- 0- Yankees will have small letdown, but will still pull out win

Blackout 13 - Killswitch-8 - Game will be close for awhile, Blackout just has better D.


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WEEK 6 Empty Re: WEEK 6

Post by SeanŽ on Wed 05 Jun 2013, 9:19 pm

killswitch over broncos. I will bet you 50$ on that.


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