Week 4 Lines

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Week 4 Lines

Post by Bookie on Fri 24 May 2013, 11:09 am

Kings vs Team USA (-28) o/u 28
As expected last week, the Kings received their reality check. They have a ways to go before becoming one of the elite teams in the league. I like their potential in the long run, but USA has too good a rush in this one and it wonít be close. I canít see the Kings getting enough time to go deep, and they are not consistent enough to drive on USA so I anticipate a shutout. Mason will keep the USA offense rolling and this is over quick.

Blackout vs Broncos (+6) o/u 20
The Broncos are on a winning streak, albeit against weaker competition. They are growing as a team and may contend for the playoffs in a year or two, but for now Blackout is the better team. If Blackout could catch, they would be a much more dangerous team. I know they want Turk to focus on small ball, but it doesnít make much difference if the balls he throws short are being spiked into the ground. I think they get it together here and put away the Broncos.

Killswitch vs Steelers (+4) o/u 32
Maybe the Steelers are a better team than I thought, giving two good teams a run for their money and blowing out a much weaker team in week 1. This is a classic battle of athletes vs strategy, who comes out on top? Iíll give Killswitch the edge, I think they will make the plays to win in the end. The Steelers rely on Bobby running so I assume he will be able to move the ball, but the Killswitch offense should put up some points to take it.

Vikings vs Giants (-24) o/u 24
The Giants almost blew their streak last week, but there will be no doubt in this one. They should roll, even if they are missing their studs. The Vikings have some good players, they need an actual QB though. I havenít seen anyone on their roster that can sustain a drive. The Giants defense will carry them and they stay undefeated. That will set up a huge battle next week against the Yankees.

Yankees vs Nice TDís (+34) o/u 34
Another bloodbath here, but at least the TDís scored this year. Hold on guys, it gets easier for you soon. The Yankees defense will have at least one pick 6, I can almost guarantee it. Tony says they play down to their competition, how low can they go? Not this low, Yankee in a blowout.


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